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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  October 10, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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it's going to end up being a pretty nice day once we get the sun in here in a few hours. we will certainly enjoy a good afternoon before a little bit after cooldown tomorrow into friday. here's a look at your day planner. a little bit of low cloudiness here in d.c. some areas well west and east of us have much denser and lower clouds. noon 64 degrees with sunshine. highs today upper 60s to low 70s. right now cloudy and 58. clouds still with us. the showers, the more concentrated ones off along coastal areas toward long island and new england and some showers here. you see these guys. that's ahead of a front that will be coming through this afternoon but without much fanfare. visibilities a real problem. cumberland out toward petersburg half mile advice i can't there. we've seen -- mile visibility there. we've seen visibilities north and east. we're sitting at 6 miles an hour here and two and a half in gaithersburg. temps big difference. north and west low 40s. northern shenandoah valley, western maryland. 43 for martinsburg and winchester. 59 in annapolis.
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57 in prince frederick. got a mile visibility there. manassas currently at 54. going to 71. 5:01. here comes monika samtani with timesaver traffic. one big issue we've had going on since early this morning was an accident in burtonsville on route 198 west of route 29. that is blocked westbound there so keep that in mind for your travel plans as that cleanup continues. on the inbound side of i-66 things look great. no problems manassas into centreville as you head inbound toward the beltway. you're going to be absolutely fine this morning. let's take a live look outside inbound 66 closer to the beltway looking great. no issues here as you travel between vienna and 495. let's go back over to the maps and this time to the other side of town. bw parkway route 50 no issues at all as you travel through chervely heading into the north on -- cheverly heading into the northeast corridor. the beltway looks great into prince george's county. if you're planning to head here on 270, route 121, a little foggy but lanes are open down
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to the beltway. back over to the graphics one more time. go nats. the game is at 1:00. metro, they are suggesting that navy yard has two entrances but if you're a blue and orange line rider, take it all the way to capitol station. that's less than a mile from the navy yard. nats, nats, nats. this afternoon the washington nationals organization and its fans will enjoy the team's first ever home playoff game at nationals park. >> kristin fisher joins us live from nats park in southeast d.c. previewing today's big game. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, guys. an exciting morning. we're just hours away from the first post-season game ever played here at nats park. it is all sold out but you can still get tickets. i've got the man who can tell you how. gregory mccarthy, he's the vice president of government and municipal affairs with the washington nationals. gregory, thanks for being with us bright and early. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's a good morning for you.
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>> go nats. >> reporter: how can people still come see this game if they don't already have tickets? >> as you might expect after waiting almost eight decades for post-season baseball, this season and this region have responded great to us. we are sold out for today except we're going to have available at 9:00 a.m. when our box office opens, a limited number of standing room only tickets. we hope people will come down and take advantage of those. >> reporter: get here early. limited quantys people. let's talk about -- quantities, people. let's talk about how to get here. so many people will are trying to get here around the same time. what is the best bet to make it easy and convenient? >> allow yourself extra time. we do expect a full house. the roads are going to be full. the metro will be full. if it takes you normally an hour to get here, maybe come two hours earlier. we'll open the gates early. lots of october attitude, face painters, a band, musicians, magicians and the like.
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gates open at 10:30. allow extra time to get here today. >> reporter: you would suggest metro, not parking. >> parking is going to be very, very limited. there's still limited economy parking via our website but by and large parking will be very tight. if you can, take mass transit today. >> reporter: gregory, thanks so much for being with us. >> wear some red. very important. >> reporter: of course. this is my only red blazer but i think i'll be wearing this every day this week i think. so you heard it from gregory. if you still want tickets, get here early to get the standing room only tickets. we will have live interviews with lots of folks from the washington nationals coming up throughout the morning show. our next live shot will be coming up at 5:30. annual dray ya, mike, -- andrea, mike, back to you. >> i'm rocking the red as well. >> you all look good in red. in politics, the stakes are high and pro and anti-gambling forces in maryland are spending like there's no tomorrow on their ad campaigns.
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in november voters will decide whether to expand gambling in the tree state. the baltimore -- free state. "the baltimore sun" reports more than $35 million has been spent so far on the issue. that's more money than the total outplay of the martin o'malley-robert ehrlich campaigns in 2006. mgm wants to develop a cuisine foe at national harbor in prince george's county. the other ballot question is over same-sex marriage and that is also heating up as election day nears. >> marriage, the union between a man and a woman has served society for thousands of years. >> they're urging votetories say no to same-sex marriage. the marriage alliance pushed for a voter referendum just days after it was signed into law. >> i reject the argument that thoation of us who oppose it -- those of us who oppose it are bigotry or hateful. it's not any of that but we love god and we have a responsibility to stand up for
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what is right. >> same-sex marriage supporters are also standing up. baltimore ravens linebacker brendan bodasia is the latest big name to support the law. he says a yes vote is a vote for equality in the state and across the country. the same-sex marriage referendum will appear as question six on the ballot. early voting in maryland begins october 27. tuesday october 16 is the deadline to register to vote in maryland. it is 5:06. good morning if you're just waking up. time for the first your money report. >> earnings season now under way on wall street. so far so good i'm happy to report. the aluminum company alcoa kicked things off saying profits and revenue beat wall street expectations last quarter. they are also predicting a good year ahead and the parent company of kfc, pizza hut and taco bell also reporting better than expected profits and it's raising its earnings outlook still analysts are thinking the
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overall picture for companies not so great. maybe falling for the first time in nearly three years. speaking of falling, stocks did just take after the imf warned that the global economy is weakening and that the downturn is spreading to developing countries. checking the numbers, the dow stands this morning at 13,473. dropped 110 points in trade yesterday. nasdaq was off by 47 points anded s&p 500 was down by 14. wall street bonuses are expected to take a haircut for the second year in a row. new york state's comptroller expects the average wall street bonus to fall by at least 13.5% and is also predicting more layoffs. so far this year the securities industry has lost 1200 jobs in new new york city alone. it's been not the greatest of years for wall street. >> you're back in the next half- hour with what? >> i am. it is about to get a lot easier to get a cab in the area. we'll talk about a new app that is launching today and we're going to have the first interview on this topic.
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>> cool. >> an app for everything. still ahead, 5:08 now. the death of a reporter in virginia is now being investigated as a murder. >> another high profile potomac resident is in hot water for cutting down trees on their own property. we'll explain why when we come back.
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10 after 5:00 on this wednesday morning. we've got clouds out there. some patchy fog and some spotty drizzle as well. overall it's going to be a decent wednesday around here. here's your day planner. again the early clouds. they'll be gone pretty quickly. by lunch time sunny and 64. 69 degrees at 3:00 with a high this afternoon of 71 and a 6:00 p.m. temp still not bad at all at 67. i'll be back in five minutes looking ahead toward the upcoming weekend. right now here's monika with timesaver traffic. a possibility of a tree down right now on military received at beach drive. we'll keep you posted on that here on the beltway at route 4, pennsylvania avenue, traffic still moving very well.
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westbound suitland parkway after suitland road, watch out for police activity. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes. back to you guys. here's some of the other stories making news now this morning. former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky was sentenced to at least 30 years in prison for child sex abuse. the judge called the 68-year- old dangerous. sandusky denied the allegations and is planning to appeal his conviction. the death of a virginia newspaper reporter is officially a murder mystery. sarah libby greenhalgh was found dead inside her burning upperville home in july. yesterday police confirmed the fire did not kill her. it was a gunshot wound to her neck. she works for the winchester star. robert stevens is in hot water after he admitted to cutting down trees overlooking the c&o canal in potomac. he said 25,000 square feet of trees in the merry go round enclave off river road were
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removed. a lawyer for stevens said he had the woods thinned out because last june's derecho caused so much damage on his property. the executive paid a $1,000 fine and is working with the county to restore the land. it 16:12. another death possibly related to the outbreak of fungal meningitis. >> federal health officials say the problem is only going to get worse from there. 9news now is back in two minutes.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. it's 5:15. what do we talk about first thing in the morning? food. yesterday we marked the 19th anniversary and bacon with cake is really good. >> the cake with strawberries in the middle. >> can we savor your forecast? >> i think we can. maybe not this morning. it's a little damp in spots. we're going to get into s some sunshine a. nice day. we'll keep the sunshine i believe right through the weekend. won't be till early next week when we have our next rain threat. here's a look at your bus stop forecast. we're still running about 7 inches below normal since the beginning of the year. hopefully we'll make some of that between now and december 31. clouds out there. patchy fog, spotty drizzle. 40s and 50s. lots of 50s toward town. the 40s for the blue ridge west this morning with sunrise at
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7:13. i've got the sunny skies out there. even though we'll start out with partly to mostly cloudy skies early, by noon sunny and 64. by 5:00 sunny and 69 with a mid afternoon high about 71 degrees. winds southwest to west at about 10. going to the ballgame today, first pitch actually 1:07. cardinals-nats game, first pitch 66 riding to about 70. sunny skies, west winds at 10. the cool stuff, look at the mountains this morning. 40s, even a few areas in the upper 30s. you get east of the mountains we're now in the 50s. atlantic city 59. lots of 50s. a uniform air mass with low clouds, high humidity. 55 in prince george's county and anne arundel county. it's 54 in rockville. 55 in fairfax. a little bit cooler as you get into some of these higher elevations in loudoun county where we have mid- to upper 40s right now. outside on our michael & son weather camera, we've got the clouds but decent visibility
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here in northwest d.c. looks like we run about 5, 7 miles. 57 degrees. humidity 88% and a wind west, northwest at 5 miles an hour. cool temperatures right in the northern plains coming into the great lakes. chicago 52. there's a cold front coming our way this afternoon. it's going to tap a little bit of that cool air so while we're talking highs today in the low 70s, behind this front we've got 50s for us. the front will come through. not too much fanfare with it. maybe a couple of clouds. slight chance after sprinkle north of town. looks like we'll knock our temperatures 5 to 8 degrees the next couple of days before another shot of milder air as we head into the weekend. so the forecast today, 71. it will be pleasant once we get rid of the early clouds and fog and spotty drizzle. tonight we're dipping into the 30s and 40s. a cool thursday but sunny, 64. friday again a chilly start, 30s and 40s. we finish in the mid-60s. the weekend looks nice. upper 60s saturday. sunday mid- to upper 70s. and our next chance of rain
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will be later monday into tuesday. temps in the 60s and 70s. if tuesday's coast turns up, it will be a lot chillier. military road at beach drive, we're checking on reports of the possibility of a tree down in the road so keep that in mind for your travel plans. we'll keep you posted. 270 southbound has been incident free i'm happy to say. no big delays yet as you head down from frederick down toward urbana, clarksburg and germantown. we're still looking pretty good. let's take a live look outside and show what you it looks like in clarks burke at route 121. as i said all lanes are open. back to the maps and this time all the way down to southern maryland, route 4, 301, 210 out of accokeek all the way to the beltway and the wilson bridge. everything is final across the potomac -- is fine across the potomac river. 295 looks great to the 11th street bridge. here's what it looks like in springfield. northbound i-95 still no big delays heading for 395 and the
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beltway. we'll be back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes. the state of florida says a 70-yard patient now -- 70-year- old patient now has died from fungal meningitis. >> if confirmed by the cdc, it will be the 12th death nationwide linked to a tainted steroid injection. >> reporter: george cary and his family are in mourning and in fear. >> we are trying to keep ourselves together and focus right now on healing ourselves. >> reporter: cary's wife lillian died last week of a stroke. she was diagnosed with fungal meningitis after receiving an injection of a tainted steroid. george received similar injections and is awaiting test results to see if he is also infected. >> i think that right now the grief and disbelief that some things like this could happen is still there. >> reporter: on tuesday new jersey became the tenth state to report an infection.
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119 cases have been confirmed by the centers for disease control. 11 of them fatal. ron barb of tennessee is also awaiting test results. he received are two injections of the steroid for back pain last month. >> symptoms started this morning with a slight stiff neck and a headache. >> reporter: officials in tennessee say they've identified a second fungus in the vials of tainted steroid, a fungus most doctors would never normally see. the cdc says 13,000 people received the potentially contaminated drug. those patients are being told to watch for symptoms for three monthses. george cary is watching and waiting and wondering why there isn't more oversight of the medical industry. >> perhaps the message is wake up, america. >> reporter: a warning that comes too late for his wife. teresa garcia, cbs news. >> there is now congressional pressure to get more oversight. lawmakers from both parties in both houses of congress are calling for briefings to
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investigate tighter drug safety regulations. 5:20. let's take another look at the question of the morning. "u.s.a. today" says 3% -- just 3% of americans will admit to eating here. is it a, on the floor, b, in the tub, or c, in bed. >> this response was posted on the wusa9 facebook fan page by jennifer morgan. she writes i've been guilty of all three. >> log on total facebook fan page and leave your response. we'll let you know what the answer is in about an hour or so
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5:24. we have an interesting thick going on this morning. you wear something light, moderate. out west we have temps in the low to mid-40s so probably a heavier jacket. we're in the upper 50s now. a light jacket. that's all you're going to need. don't worry about the green. this is spotty drizzle more so than showers. by 9:00 we're near 6 # degrees. warming up to near 50 in the shenandoah valley. more sunshine is coming out. it's going to abnice afternoon. lunch time -- to be a nice afternoon. lunch time temperatures low to mid-60s. good for the afternoon. then we're looking at temperatures topping out upper 60s to low 70s. >> thank you, howard. rg3 prepares to return to practice. sunday's game, that might be another story. >> kristen berset has that and a preview of this afternoon's game in your morning sports report. good morning, everybody. when the redskins return to the practice field today, it looks like their fearless leader will
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join them. after undergoing several concussion tests the past two days, robert griffin iii is reportedly been cleared to practice. this doesn't guarantee he'll be able to play sunday against minnesota, but it is of course a very good sign. rg3 will participate in noncontact drills and be evaluated all week long. only a couple of players on the nationals roster have actual playoff experience. several of the young guys say players like jason wirkt, adam la roche and edwin jackson have been a wealth of knowledge before and during the post season. now they're hoping that experience pays off today with jackson on the mound. the nationals were all smiles yesterday in a voluntary practice. monday night's crushing lost by st. louis seemed a distant memory. now the club is focused on giving fans a victory. >> i think the fans, when they have a team to root for and a
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team that has a chance to be a winner every year, it's a lot more exciting for them. like i said, they've been through a lot, a lot with this organization and it's fun. >> these guys are enjoying it. it's a fun time for them. it's not a stressful time. it's what we want to be. >> again edwin jackson gets the start today. first pitch at 1:07. i'll have live reports from nationals park all day starting at noon. that's a quick look at sports this morning. i'm kristen berset. have a great wednesday.
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good morning. welcome to 9 news this morning. i'm andrea roane. put up your hand if you're calling in sick to work today. >> i'm not feeling too good. >> we could go for standing room. i'm mike hydeck.
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good morning. we digress. here is monika samtani. she has traffic. >> those huge burgers. >> especially the strasburger. it's a cool, damp morning in spots. a little bit of fog and spotty drizzle but all in all this is going to be a good weather day and temperatures warmer than they have been. closer to the 70-degree mark. here's a look outside. we've got cloudy skies. decent visibility here in d.c. running about 7, 8 miles. 64 at no with sunshine. by 5:00 we're looking mostly sunny, 69. expect the high today of about 71. that should happen mid afternoon. clouds still with us this morning. showers have been along coastal areas and you can see them up toward the delaware bay and up toward long island and connecticut. but around here just some spotty drizzle. the fog really on the eastern shore. it's been improving some. toward salisbury they have dense fog and in the mountains of petersburg, west virginia quarter mile. gaithersburg down two and a half but that's really not an issue. temps low 40s in parts of the
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seen dough ya valley. -- shenandoah valley. 57 here in town. 59 to our south at the patuxent river naval air station. it's 5:31. let's get a traffic update. here's monika. one issue i want to remind you about and i've been telling you since early this morning, route 198 is shut down in both directions near route 29 in burtonsville west of route 29. it was an early morning accident brought down a utility pole so they're working on that. for the time being use green castle road. no problems to report on the dulles toll road coming in from herndon and 66 coming in from centreville. just a few brake lights forming now. as you travel inbound you're going to find the lanes open. let's take a live look outside and show you what it looks like. no problems to report on the northbound side of 395 on the 14th street bridge. let's go over to the maps and this time to the other side of town. if you're coming in good greenbelt into the northeast corridor incident free. the beltway at pennsylvania avenue route 4, no problems here. we'll be back with more traffic
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in a few minutes. >> thanks, monika. are you ready for some baseball? at 1:07 the washington nationals will take the field in their first playoff game at home in nats park. the team hopes to make good use of that home field advantage. >> the next three games are going to be here in d.c. which is significant after losing on monday in st. louis. kristin fisher is live in southeast db. she's previewing -- southeast d.c. she's previewing the game. kristin, i have some friends that had tickets for the original start time for 4:00. it's been shifted to 1:00. i'm wondering how many people are still going to be able to go. are they still sold out? >> reporter: there are standing room only tickets still available but in limited quantities. you can get them when the box office opens at 9:00. get there early. they're not revealing how many tickets they v just that there is -- they have, just that there's limited quantities. that's all we're getting from the team right now n. is such an incredible day. the last time washington had a
5:33 am
baseball team in the post- season, prohibition has just ended. the average price of a home was just $6,000. it's been 79 years. so crazy. joining me now is the assistant general manager for the washington nationals brian. is it possible to put into words what this day means for you and the rest of the team? >> it's pretty exciting. obviously a lot of games throughout the season to get to this point. this is going to are our third post-season game the first time in d.c. pretty exciting for everybody. >> reporter: how do you feel about the team? >> pretty good. pretty loose. everybody is happy to be home. we played very well here this year. we're happy to get a split in st. louis and now we've got three games to get the two wins we need here in d.c. >> reporter: just making it to the post-season is a huge accomplishment. clearly you guys want to take it all the way. is it already a win for this season for the nats? >> sure on some level but i think the reality is any time you're not winning a championship, that's your goal.
5:34 am
so we'll see where this goes but it has been pretty fun to this point. >> reporter: tell me about the players. what's their mind seth head -- mind set heading into this game. so many of them so young. this is clearly the biggest game of their lives? >> i think it goes both ways. it can be a good thing because they don't know any better but it could be a bad thing because they have the experience -- they don't have the experience. >> reporter: buy january, best of luck -- bryan, best of luck. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> reporter: i just want to point out if you all are coming to the game and you want to get some of the nats memorabilia, they still have these hats on sale here. you can't ge theme i don't -- you can't get them i don't think anywhere else. i tried buying them online and they're sold out. if you want these division championship hats, they still have them. gates open at 10:30. you're going to want to get
5:35 am
here early because there's going to be lots of people and they're going to have a lot of fun stuff in the post-season that they don't normally have in the regular season. i'm so excited. i just wish i could stay here during the game. >> we wish we could join you there, too, chris continue. we'll be talking -- kristin. we'll be talking with you later o. kristin fisher reporting live from nats park. today the supreme court will hear what's being billed as the most important cases of the session. fisher vs. the university of texas asks the justices to decide if race should be considered in the college admissions process. the court has twice ruled that race can be a factor in admissions, just not quotas. however, the makeup of the court is different this time around. 9news now will have more from the court beginning this evening on 9news at 5:00. there's an app for that is
5:36 am
the tease. >> this is a big deal. it's going to make it a lot easier for you to get a taxi in the washington region. you're hearing from them first right here on 9news now. taxi booking at my taxi launches in washington, d.c. today. first time in the united states. joining me this morning is lena willard with my taxi. thanks so much for coming? >> thank so you much for having us. >> washington, d.c., first city in the united states. you're really big in europe. why did you pick washington? >> well, washington is just ready for a taxi app like my taxi. we figured is that we for the first time bring transparency to the market. also we have a very strong partner called car to go which is a subsidy of dimeler and they're already very big over here. we're hoping to make use of our potential and kind of bring a new subject to the whole transportation system in d.c. >> you've got a little bit of
5:37 am
competition so far from the likes of a livery system, not entirely a taxi system. taxi magic which really hasn't had a big foothold here in washington. how does your app work? what makes it different from the other apps that are available? >> well, first of all, we target a bigger group of people so my taxi is designed for everyone out there. what we exrait is a connection between the -- we create is a connection between the driver and the passenger which makes it very individual for both sides. >> basically if you are looking for a cab in the district of columbia, you get on your smartphone. you get into the my taxi app and you just call a car? is it that simple? >> its that simple. you download the app which is free for passenger and driver. you open the app. you're being located because we have integrated gps function. so you don't even need to know where you are. you just press a button and you
5:38 am
see all the taxis around you. the first one accepts your request and you can follow on the screen when the taxi is arriving, where the taxi is at and you have a countdown showing you when to go outside so you don't have to wait in the rain. >> last question for you, lina. how much does this cost the consumer in terms of charging more for the taxi? what should they expect for that? >> it's totally for free. the download of the app is free. using the app is free for the passenger. there are no extra costs. >> sounds like a great deal. thanks so much for coming in and telling us about my taxi. >> thank you so much for having me. >> absolutely. >> over to you. >> thank you, jessica. you could make -- could you make it work if you only had $30 to spend on 21 meals? >> we'll take a look at some of the challenges when it comes to living on food stamps.
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. welcome back. 5:40 on this wednesday morning. we have temps in the mid and upper 50s. cloudy skies. a little cool in other areas but it's going to be a really nice day by the end of it. we start out with some clouds. patchy fog and drizzle. 59 at 9:00. 46 by noon and 69 at 3:00 p.m. right now here's monika with timesaver traffic. early morning accident in burtonsville brought down a utility pole westbound route 198. remains blocked after route 29 with crews on the scene. here in college park, the beltway looks great. we'll be back in a couple minutes with more traffic. back to you, jess. i've been combing through the day's daily deals, e-mails and retailer websites to find you some deep discounts. here of some of my favorites. ladies, put down the mascara with this deal for a hot beauty trend. pay $75 for eyelash extensions. these are individually applied
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extensions to your lashes. it adds length for several is weeks. a 50% savings at yvonne's day spa in arlington and alexandria. how about seeing some of your favorite chefs? $33 for a one-day ticket to cooking convention. metro cooking d.c. november 3 and 4. this is 51% off. and google offers has a deal for the well dressed man, mike hydeck. pay $39, get $75 towards custom made dress shirts with epic shirt makers. this is going to save you 48% off. he looks so great even if he buys off the rack which i know he doesn't do. if you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. over to you. >> jess, thank you. it is 5:42. we want to see who's celebrating a birthday today. actor peter coyote is 71.
5:43 am
david lee roth is 58. you remember him as josh on the west wing, actor bradley whitford is 53. mario lopez is 39. you know him as crowley, dan stevens is 30. mya is 33. if it's your birthday today, happy birthday. we'll be right back.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. our time is 5:46. a cloudy start but a sunny finish to the day. >> even a little bit of patchy fog, spotty drizzle but it will be a good day once we get past the next several hours. i have the nats forecast coming up. let's start with the bus stop forecast because some of you are going to need a jacket. others of you can just escape with a suit jacket or a little light wrap. 40s and 50s this morning. sunrise 7:13. we've got generally cloudy
5:47 am
skies more than anything going on right now. our day planner, we're going to see sunshine here over the next few hours. by noon sunny, 64. this afternoon 70 at 4:00. i think we'll get to 71 for the high and going to be out this evening, you'll need a jacket also with 61 by 8:00. temperatures tonight will fall into the 30s and 40s. winds are going to kick out of the northwest behind a front. this afternoon first pitch, well, it's really 1:07. 66 the start of the gail. should be -- game. should be towards 70 by the end of the game. we have clouds around here. maybe a few breaks out to the west. you see specks of green? there's been spotty drizzle more than anything. temperatures ex of the blue ridge big difference. dense fog there. also where it's colder in western maryland like cumberland, their visibilities have been bouncing quarter to a half mile. winchester 43. gaithersburg 54 degrees.
5:48 am
we're looking at our tower camera looking in order out of northwest d.c. toward bethesda. you see some of the low clouds, a little bit of reduced visibility this morning. 57 with cloudy skies officially at national. humidity high at 88%. we've only got the 3-degree spread between the dew point and the temperature and that's an indication of that high moisture content that we're dealing with this morning. that's going to change though because we've got cold air. some drier air moving n. 30s in kansas city. even the texas panhandle this morning. chicago is at 40. this cold air is moving south and east all thanks to a storm system which is spinning up in canada, driving a cold front through areas like michigan. detroit seeing the rain with the front this morning in toward toledo. this will approach cleveland, toronto and then this afternoon it will come through us. what it will do is kind of kick some of the clouds out here as our winds kick southwesterly a little bit later. so we'll get rid of the clouds and any drizzle pretty quickly. this is what it should look like by around 1:00. so sunny skies for the nats- cardinals playoff game.
5:49 am
here comes the front. see this thin little line of clouds at 7:00? that's about all we're going to see with the front. winds kick up. we cool down tonight, 30s and 40s. we only have highs the next few days low to mid-60s tomorrow and friday but we'll start to warm things up again as we get into the weekend. today looks pretty good. 71, pleasant. becoming breezy tonight. mid-40s in town. mid- to upper 30s north and west. cool, 6 # degrees -- 64 degrees tomorrow. friday 66. it will be pretty nice again with a chilly start, 30s and 40s. another weekend, this one looks a lot better than last weekend with 68 on saturday. 77 sunday. both the ravens and skins at home. weather should be good for that. monday and tuesday, a couple of question marks as a coastal may try to form. right now we'll keep a chance of showers later monday into early tuesday. 5:49. here comes monika samtani with a look at your timesaver traffic. a tree down on military road at beach drive. also an accident right now northbound 95 on the ramp to eastbound route 32.
5:50 am
ongoing work continues in burtonsville with an early morning accident on route 198. it's just west of route 29. so watch out for some direction in that area. the beltway looks great north of town. no problems. college park into silver spring. we'll take a live look outside and show what you it looks like first here on the beltway in college park. as you can see traffic is moving well east and north of town here. let's go back over to the maps and this time we'll head over to virginia. northbound 95 has been incident free this morning. traveling through woodbridge into lorton and springfield. you see a bit of yellow forming here. that's because it's a tiny bit slow leaving 644. out in charles county, an accident northbound route 5 after gallon green road so watch out for police activity in that area as well. we'll take another look outside this time on the beltway in alexandria leaving the wilson bridge. this is what you should expect. it's nice and quiet between the wilson bridge and i-95 in springfield. i'm going to step out. if you're going to the nationals game today, howard says the weather is going to be perfect. metro suggests that you use the blue and orange line to the
5:51 am
capitol south station. that's about .8 of a mile from the stadium. the navy yard has two entrances. make sure you have enough money on your fare card for a round trip this afternoon. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. food stamps are a necessity for thousands of residents in our area. but stretching the food stamp allowance into meals can be difficult and it often comes at the price of nutrition. >> some families in the district are taking part in something called the food stamp challenge to try to understand just how difficult it is to live on food stamps. and to do that they're limiting their food spending to $30 per week. >> reporter: 140,000 residents in the district rely on food stamps to put food on the table. the average weekly allowance for one person $30. >> it's really challenging so, one, get enough food to last you through the week and also to buy what you want to eat. >> reporter: alex ashbrook is the director of d.c. hunger
5:52 am
solutions, an organization that works to end hunger in our community. she's taking part in the food challenge. that means she only has $30 for 21 meals, only about $1.40 a meal. she bought everything on this table and she will have to stretch this into breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next seven days. >> i estimate that i have enough food to get me through five days or so. i really had to be conscious of what i was putting into my cart. and i had -- i felt like i was playing the price is right, making sure i was going to hit $30. >> reporter: for a typical meal she may eat a sandwich. if she bought a loaf of bread, a pound of deli meat, lettuce and tomato, it would cost $12.76. she would stretch all of that across multiple meals. this week she was forced to buy bread with baloney and spinach which was on sale. that would cost only $5.57, a big difference but the cost is nutrition. but the sacrifices allowed her
5:53 am
to stretch the money she had. >> food stamps to be even more beneficial should be expanded and funded more so that people can actually eat throughout the month. >> reporter: after the challenge is over, ashbrook says she's fortunate and can go back to eating what she wants but for too many, living on food stamps is a reality they struggle with every day. in northwest washington, 9news. now let's take another look at the question of the day. "u.s.a. today" says 3% of americans admit to eating here. is it a, on the floor, b, in the tub, or c, in bed? >> lashonda wrote c, in the bed. it's the one place i feel comfortable so i bring everything to me. >> log on to our facebook fan page and reveal your answer. we'll have the answer in about annual hour. a danger could be lurking in your car. i'll tell you what you need to know. that's coming up at 6:12 and you are watching 9news now.
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5:56. mostly cloudy skies in areas. a little bit of fog and spotty drizzle. temps range from the low to mid- 40s now to the upper 50s here in town. by 9:00 we'll be pushing 50 degrees in the shenandoah valley and maybe 60 here in d.c., points south and east. middle of the day looks nice. sunshine, temperatures in the
5:57 am
mid-60s. so nats game weather should be sweet foe that. this afternoon -- for that. we'll make a run for the 70- degree mark with mostly sunny skies. it's being called another first for nasa's mars rover curiosity. look at explorer collect the first scoop of material from the surface of mars. you can see the sand and powdery substance was collected on sunday. now scientific instruments are going to be used to analyze the consistency of what they collected. the national museum of american history held a special sendoff ceremony tuesday for a piece of history. dorothy's ruby red slippers from the wizard of oz are going on their first overseas trip. they just have to click the heels and they'll get there. they'll be part of an exhibit in london along with the blue and white gingham dress. until they return the ruby slippers, the spot will be held by the original kermit the frog puppet. >> she'd probably kick you with
5:58 am
your shoes. >> one of madonna's exes is heading down the rile again. we have -- the aisle again. we have this look at entertainment. >> reporter: guy richie is tying the knot again. he's engaged to his girlfriend. the two are already parents to one son and are expecting another child later this year. founding members of led zeplin attend add new york city premier of celebration day. the film documents the band's 2007 concert from london's '02 alone that -- arena. it features some of led zeplin's greatest hits. >> people will get a chance to see the communication between us on stage and the passion that we have. >> reporter: celebration day opens in theaters worldwide on october 17. rihanna and nick any menage lead the nominations for the 2012 music awards with four
5:59 am
nods each. christina ag layer ya is set to -- aguilera is set to perform at the awards show. electronic dance music is a new category this year. winners will be announced during a live broadcast from the nokia theater here in los angeles on move 18. >> i hold the bar and you come running and kick it. >> reporter: charlie brown is coming to the big screen. the peanuts gang will star in their own animated feature film. it's scheduled to hit theaters in november 2015. that's the 65th anniversary of the comic strip and the 50th anniversary of a charlie brown christmas. that's your eye on entertainment. teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. good morning. i'm andrea roane. we have two words for you: good morning. i'm mike hydeck. thanks for joining us. a long joke. monika samtani is here. she's got traffic. howard bernstein, take it away. >> i'm thinking about the pumpkin patch in


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